Other Bike Blogs

I’ve spent much of my at-home internet time reading a few of the many many bike blogs that are out there.  It’s nice to see so many people dedicated to writing about their cycling.

One of my favorite genres is the “Cycling with kids” blog. I don’t have kids, so it’s difficult for me to imagine a car-free life with kids, but these people are doing it, and doing it well. (okay, some of them are car-light and not completely car-free, but still it’s impressive).

Car-Free with Kids: written by two ladies in Cambridge, MA who have a toddler and a baby.

Suburban Bike Mama: although she owns a car, she hardly drives it and seems to get by just fine without it while transporting two young children.  She rides a big contraption called a Sorte – trike with one rear wheel and two front wheels supporting a big basket.

There’s a large number of blogs devoted to women who like to wear fashionable clothing while cycling.  Personally, I don’t mind wearing a little bit of gear and making the occasional fashion sacrifice in order to be safe, comfortable, and fast. Then again, I work in a rather biz-cas environment.  These ladies seem to like heavy, steel, vintage (or vintage-looking) bikes. Personally, I prefer something that’s light and fast, but these bloggers make a good case that these bikes are more comfortable to ride, and they don’t have to compromise on what they wear just to get on their bikes. I say that you should do whatever it takes to make car-free living work for you.

Lovely Bicycle: fashionable Bostonian cyclist.

Let’s Go Ride A Bike: written by two cyclists, one in Nashville, one in Chicago.

She Rides A Bike: Flagstaff Arizona

Girls And Bicycles: A very fashionable Edmontonian.  This blog makes me feel nostalgic for my two years of exile in Edmonton. I think I may have even found a picture or two of someone I knew from those days.  Here’s the blog’s author in front of my favorite Edmonton restaurant, the inappropriately named (but fantastically delicious) New York Bagel Cafe (will I ever find an eggs benedict that can compare?)

Hmm, all of the blogs I’ve listed so far are written by women.  Where are the men at?

Peter Mulvey is a touring musician who set out on a 1100 mile tour – on his bicycle! He started on September 10th, I’ll have to keep an eye on how he’s doing.

Eco Velo is written by a couple, not sure of the city, but they link to a great deal of bike info.

Fat Boy Biking: He’s using his bike to get around and to improve his health.

Velocipete: Um, it’s another guy with a bike blog. Gear and stuff.

That’s enough of that for now. I’ll link to other people later.

With all of these other bike blogs out there – what makes mine special? It seems like most of these bloggers do not like cars. If they have a car, it is mentioned derisively. Like, “Oh, I still have a car, but I hardly use it and I don’t really like it, but look at my totally awesome bike.” Well, I know that most Americans love cars, and so do I.  If I can go car-free, than I’m sure that many other car-lovers can do it too.

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