Look at this F-ing Hoodscoop

There was a big snow storm last Sunday morning, and I walked to work Monday and Tuesday. For those keeping score, that’s 4 days where I have not biked to work since selling the car in August. I probably could have biked on Monday & Tuesday, the roads weren’t all that bad, but it’s a steep hill, so I decided not to risk it. This morning, I was pretty sure the roads would be okay, so I took the bike to work.

Although this is ostensibly a blog about living in Providence without a car, your humble narrator has not been cured of his love of cars (or his love of referring to himself in the third person).  I’m still giddy like a 15 year old boy when I see a rare car like this BMW Z8:

Some rich guy on the east side must own it, because I’ve seen it about a dozen times. I’m a little surprised to see it in the rain. If I owned one, it would probably just go out on sunny days for a quick jaunt to the switchbacks of the Berkshires.

One of my favorite things to see is a ridiculous modification of a car. For example, this Cirrus parked near Johnson & Wales a couple weeks ago:

That just looks so much more aggressive and manly with the non-functioning, glued-on hoodscoop doesn’t it? Here’s my old Cirrus for comparison:

Man, if only I had slapped a hoodscoop on that baby, I could have taken another $500 off the asking price.

If I had put this sticker on the side, however, it probably would have fetched over $20k!

The rare, coveted 1998 Chrysler Cirrus "Type R"

I saw another monstrosity outside my office the other day:

That’s a forest ranger green Ford F-150 with brush clearing thing, “Lobo” lettering on the side, hoodscoop of dubious functionality and something in Spanish on the window starting with an M – Marchiron? Marchinos? I’ll stay away from the obvious.

Taking pictures of ridiculous car modifications is almost as much fun as taking pictures of horrible bike parking. However, there is a certain danger to it in that most of the owners of the cars could beat me up. I’ll have to stay subtle if I’m going to put together an latfh.com – style website that’s all about the hoodscoop.


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