Pepperspray in Springfield

Just a couple of quick thoughts before they fly away and I forget to write about them. I mentioned in a previous post that I discovered a bike blogger in Springfield MO, Andy Cline who blogs on Carbon Trace. One of his ongoing post series is his “honk report.” He seems to believe that people don’t honk at him all that much, so to illustrate his point, he writes a brief post whenever he is honked at while riding his bike.  I have no good way of quantifying how often people have honked at me, so I’m going to steal a page from his blog and do the same thing.


I was biking west on Olney, just past the Friends Meeting House. Cars were parked along the road, so I kept out of the doorzone. I heard a brief honk behind me, then was passed by a late model Cadillac with an older couple in it. They gave me plenty of room as they passed and there were no obscene gestures or words thrown my way. I shrugged my shoulders and figured they were giving a “warning honk” which is not really necessary but I try not to interpret as hostility. They were stopped by the traffic light shortly ahead. I caught up with them as they waited for a car to make a left turn. I could have squeezed past them on the right, but that seemed dangerous so I waited behind them and said “honk!” in a friendly tone of voice. No road rage this time.


I checked Carbon Trace earlier this evening to find that a cyclist in Springfield was assaulted with Pepperspray by a passing motorist. The cyclist was in the bike lane at the time. The comments for the post detail a few other assaults that cyclists have received in Springfield and other cities. This jogged my memory a bit – the only time someone intentionally “buzzed” me while I was on my bike was in Springfield. I’ve had unintentional close calls in other cities, but in this incident the driver swerved towards me and one of the passengers held out his hand to try to touch me and then I could hear them laughing as they drove away. I hate that town.

I did a little tweeting for my employer today which reminded me that I actually set up a twitter account for this blog, I’ve just never used it. Facebook is starting to creep me out more and more, so I figure I might as well start tweeting. You can follow me like a Pennyfarthing follows a tweed ride @carfreepvd.

I walked through Kennedy Plaza today where I noticed this hitching post which I can’t believe I hadn’t noticed before.

This is near the Police substation down there and I think that the mounted police may actually use it on occasion – that could make this the only hitching post in Providence that is actually used for tying up a horse!


2 responses to “Pepperspray in Springfield

  1. WTF were we thinking, going to school in Spfd?

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