Honk Report: Washington Street & North Main

Just a quick post about getting honked at today. I was biking home from work, out of Kennedy Plaza on Washington Street as it crosses the river and approaches North Main. At the corner of Washington & North Main the three lanes are: Left Lane – left turn only, Middle Lane – left turn or straight ahead, Right Lane – right turn.  I need to turn left from Washington onto North Main, and then be in the right-hand lane, so the middle lane is the most logical choice. At the intersection before this (Washington & Memorial), I move into the middle of the right-hand lane, and follow it into the middle lane after crossing Memorial. As I rode down the middle of the street, the white Hyundai behind me began honking repeatedly. I did not move. We were both stopped by the light at Washington & North Main.  I looked over at the young man, waved, and pointed out that there were two perfectly good lanes that he could use.

To be fair, I should probably start a

Courtesy Report: Hope St. near Rochambeau

I visited a dry cleaner/tailor today on my lunch break. I was waiting on the east side of the street to cross the street and head south. One car pulling out tried to wave me across, but I hadn’t mounted the bike yet so I indicated that she should go ahead. Eventually another car slowed down and waved me in front of him, and I was happy to take it since no cars were coming in the opposite direction. I could have waited longer, it wasn’t too big a deal, but I figure if someone really wants to let me get in front of them, than it would be rude not to. I gave the driver a “thank you wave” and I was off.

God this is going to get boring to read if I’m doing this all the time.

The Honk Report was originated by Carbon Trace, a blog based in Springfield MO. I use it as an attempt to keep track of how many drivers honk at me unnecessarily. Please do not honk at cyclists. Car horns are much louder when you are not inside a steel and glass cocoon.


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