Miscellany and Meta-miscellany

A few loose ends to blog about today. Although I haven’t kept up with how much money I’m saving, how many miles I’ve driven, or the number of times I’ve bummed a ride from a friend, there’s one thing I have no trouble remembering – getting honked at. Thus it’s time for –


After visiting Large LBS #1 for a few test rides yesterday, I was riding home on North Main. Due to the holiday, there was very little traffic. I was in the right-hand lane, but needed to get to the left-hand lane in order to turn onto Olney. I waited until I was close, but not too close to Olney. I then signaled and moved over to the left (no traffic anywhere near me at this time). A few seconds later, I hear a prolonged honk behind me.  It sounded far away, so I turned to look. The car was still pretty far back, but closing quickly. I moved a little more to the left and several seconds later he passed me within 4 feet while revving the engine. It was an early 00’s Lexus, after-market rims, vanity Florida plates. Unfortunately, he was not caught by the light, but neither was I. I’ve kept to my zero road-rage pledge, so that’s all there is to report. I’ve taken the idea of the Honk Report from Carbon Trace. It seems like I get honked at more than he does.

[close honk report]

I dropped off Project: Cignal at Recycle-a-bike the other day, but I didn’t get to stick around to start to work on it. I’d left the Cignal at my office so it would be an easy ride to RAB. I kept it slow (not that I could have gone fast on the Cignal) down Promenade street, one of the few streets in town with a bike lane. It’s on the left hand side, which makes it easier for drivers to know how close they are when they pass you. The problem with the lane is that it is often full of sand, grit and broken glass. Last week there was an additional treat in the lane:

Rhode Islanders' idea of ethical e-waste disposal: Throw it on the bike lane instead of in the river.

That’s an inkjet printer, by the way. The Woonasquatucket River is right below. I’m not quite in the mood to write about the efficacy of separated facilities. I’ll let the great Tom Vanderbilt handle that topic.

In navel-gazing news, check out yesterday’s top searches on my wordpress dashboard:

That’s great that someone is reaching my blog by searching for “free nsa hookups.” But that makes me wonder, if an nsa hookup isn’t free, is it truly nsa? And the answer to the last search in that list is: I have no idea.

Today’s top searches yielded an additional gem:

“RIPTA director of transportation” eh? Perhaps I will be getting some satisfaction after all.

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