Brown Student Killed On the Road

Paige Hicks, a Brown University undergrad was cycling across the country as part of Bike & Build, a non-profit that organizes bicycle trips to help raise money for affordable housing. On Tuesday, she was struck and killed by a person driving a wide-load tractor-trailer hauling a combine (ProJo article). There are various reports out there, most seem to agree that she had stopped on the shoulder when the truck or combine hit her. I don’t have much to add to this. Except to link to her Bike & Build page where donations are still being accepted.


One response to “Brown Student Killed On the Road

  1. Absolutely tragic. This is why I am absolutely inflexible about getting well off the road for doing things like checking the phone, map, gps, bike computer, whatever. I grew up biking on a lot of rural roads with truck traffic and you really never know what is coming. My dad always insisted that we get basically into the ditch on the side of the road before not paying attention to the traffic. I still cringe when I see folks trying to change a tire without really being far enough out on the shoulder. You have no idea what might be coming down the pike.

    I hope Ms. Hicks’ family can find some solace in the face of this horrid tragedy.

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