The Indignity of Bike Parking: Prototype Edition

A reader recently sent me an intersting link about a bike designed for parking. In order to solve the problem of bicycle theft, this designer created a prototype that allows it to be locked anywhere. Here’s the inventor, riding along thinking to himself, “Hey ladies, check out my sweet custom ride.”

Looks sturdy enough, right? What’s going on in this next picture?

While I turn this crank, maybe you should check out the bold colorway on my sneakers.

It turns out that the crank loosens an internal wire system and allows the black part of the top tube and down tube to break into segments thusly:

From the land that brought us the “bendy bus”

We now have the bendy bike:

Presumably, one could then fit one’s U-lock through there somehow but it looks like you’d need a chain as well. Although, I’d think that locking a conventional bike to a lamp post with a U-lock and chain would pretty much work out the same way. By the way, that young man looks familiar, like I’ve seen him before somewhere….. That insouciant grin, those beady eyes, that super-long English nose….

Oh My God! It’s Pete Townshend from The Who! I guess he got jealous of David Byrne stealing all the aging-rocker/bicycle-related spotlight.


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