Bike Valet at the Farmers’ Market

This Saturday will mark the 3rd week of Recycle-a-bike’s free bicycle valet at the Farmers’ Market at Lippit Park in Providence (corner of Hope St. and Blackstone Blvd). I was out of town for the first week, and I had to leave early last week, but I plan on being there the whole time this Saturday. We should have things set up around 9AM, just to the South of the market.  Here we were last week:

"Free" as in "Make a donation, will ya?"

I parked my Cannondale there first to kick things off and it was soon joined by a pair of Raleigh MTBs:

I promise not to make fun of your bike, even if you have a creative way of mounting your water bottle cage:

Perhaps he has devised a way to continuously drip lubricant onto the chain by means of an upside-down cage, a bottle and a series of tubes?

I had to leave early last week in order to catch the train to Boston. I love biking in the streets of Boston. It’s a very flat city, the traffic can’t move fast (although they certainly try), and there have been big improvements in infrastructure in the last few years. I also get to see frankenbikes like this:

Taking my bike on the commuter rail is a not unenjoyable way to travel. However, I have to work to find a place for it at one end of the car, and hope that no one with a wheelchair comes along. The MBTA has a couple of bike-trains, but they only run on a couple of lines, and only on the weekends. It looks like they were designed for people to go to the beach, instead of, you know commuting to work on the commuter rail.  The pictures look pretty sweet:

that's some serious bike parking dignity

Unfortunately, I was stuck at the back of one particular car, with my bike upside-down, sticking its derailleur up at the fixies across the aisle:


3 responses to “Bike Valet at the Farmers’ Market

  1. YES! Bet you’re looking forward to a train free saturday full o valet and mechanics a gogo.

    See you in a few hours (always get sucked into reading blogs at strange hours)!

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