Honk Report: Hope and Lafayette

I almost forgot, a motorist honked at Spouse and me on Monday evening. We were riding down Hope, actually keeping up with traffic for most of our entire route. We then signaled a left turn onto Lafayette Street (yes we use turn signals!) and pulled to the left of the lane. We had to wait for several cars going in the opposite direction before it was safe to turn. A motorist honked at us as she passed on the right. There was plenty of room to do so, I’m not sure why she honked.  I responded with a cheerful yell of “honk honk!” back to her and then muttered to myself under my breath.

I will continue to dutifully record such incidents in my honk report log. I got the idea for the honk report from Andy Cline over at Carbon Trace. He started it to document how rarely motorists honk at him. Motorists seem to honk at me much more often. And I always seem to be doing something completely legal when someone honks at me.

The other day, NY Times had an article on a cycle tour through the four corners area of the US.  BikeSnobNYC  tore into it before I had a chance. The only thing I have to add is – check out the creepy picture that came up on the bottom of the page:

The photo linked to an article about O magazine, the magazine that features a picture of Oprah on the cover every month. I was so creeped out by the picture that I didn’t bother to read it.

2 responses to “Honk Report: Hope and Lafayette

  1. A co-worker and I were talking about biking to work today. I work over on Royal Little and to get there you pretty much have to go Charles St. to Silver Spring St.

    Not pretty on a bike. The roadway is horrendous. I’m of the firm opinion that a bike lane should be carved out on Charles and Ashburton streets.

    • I’ve taken the transition from Charles to Silver Spring a few times, and it can be a difficult one. It’s one of those where at rush hour, it’s always backed up, so it’s tempting to either A. Go on the sidewalk. B. Squeeze by on the right of traffic or C. Split the lanes. I avoid sidewalks on principal (although the likelihood of someone walking on these sidewalks is very low). Splitting the lanes is pretty scary, and you can really surprise people when you squeeze by on the right. I usually practice vehicular cycling, but in this case it just seems idiotic to stare at a line of cars creeping along (all blocking each other) when I’m on a small vehicle that can easily pass them. They pass me when I go slower than them, right? So why not pass the cars when they are going slower than me?

      Charles and Ashburton streets are both quite hairy for cyclists. I think there would even be room for bike lanes for most of the bad stretch – good idea!

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