Oh Noes!

Let’s go straight to our top story:

Before I was a bike dork, I was an NPR dork. And one of my favorite shows is “Wait Wait, Don’t Tell Me.” I was quite shocked to read about this accident on The Current, the trade magazine for public broadcasting (yes, there’s a trade magazine for public broadcasting and it’s just as fascinating as you might think.) I first learned of this incident on Friday morning. I went straight to Peter Sagal’s blog to get the skinny. I had avoided Sagal’s blog in the past because it reminds me of the severe voice / face disparity that he has going on. By that I mean, he doesn’t look like he sounds at all! But in this case I had to read Sagal’s full account of the collision. In writing this post, I was planning on doing a line-by-line deconstruction of his blog post, but it turns out that he has since changed the post on the advice of his counsel! Scandalous, I know. I’ll do my best to fake a few lines of his original post:

I was riding my racing bike at about 18 MPH.

First of all, note that he specified “racing bike.” This implies that he not only owns multiple bikes, but multiple road bikes. One of them is specifically for racing. I’m going to guess that it’s carbon fiber. From my further reading, it looks like he is a triathlete.  I’d make fun of triathletes as is standard operating procedure on a bike blog, but I really don’t know enough about them to do that. From the look of their bikes, however, they sure seem to like things to be “aero.”

As I crossed an intersection, I saw a car pull into the intersection ahead of me. I wasn’t able to slow down quickly enough and I hit her left front bumper.

So the car pulled into the intersection as he entered it. Was it a four way stop, or just a two-way stop? As a commenter put it:

Was it a two way stop or a four way stop? I guess I’m asking: if you were a car, would you have had the right of way?

grrrrrrr….. If it was a two-way stop, then he would have had the right of way on a bicycle just like a car! (The deleted part of the post implied that it was a two-way stop which would mean that Sagal had the right of way. But he admirably didn’t get all blamey with the motorist like I would. Sagal, you are a better man than I.)

Alright. I don’t know the facts of the case, so I guess I can’t be too angry at that commenter. I just hated his phraseology!

Sagal will probably be laid up for a while. He fractured parts of two vertabrae. But he’s still able to blog. And after his summer break, I’m hoping he will be back to hosting the show that makes cleaning my house on a Saturday afternoon more enjoyable.


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