cerulean blue is a gentle breeze

I think there still might be something wrong with me.

Gary from Gary Rides Bikes does a great job adding a little photoshop to his pictures to illustrate his point about different bike issues. In this particular post he’s talking about the door zone and its intersection with a poorly designed bike lane. For example:

Further down the post, I discover that I am still suffering from a disease I thought I had overcome.

My first thought in seeing this picture was, “That’s a nice looking Honda S2000 on the left. What color is that? Suzuka Blue?” Yes, I’m still suffering from autophilia. One year after selling the car, I still lust after the occasional convertible. Oh well, it is to be expected. Maybe I’ll go look at the Rivendell website to cleanse my palate. (Please note that this is the only name of a car color that I can currently remember. Because it is such a beautiful color. I’ll admit that I have a thing for the S2000. I think they are very good looking cars, especially in that particular shade of blue that one doesn’t see too often.)

However, as a cyclist, my first thought should be, “WTF is that BMW doing in the bike lane?!”  I mean, “WTF is that black car doing in the bike lane ?!?!?!?!” More rage, less specificity on make and model of the car driven by the jerk.

Enough with the rage. Do you like food? Do you cycling? Sure, we all do! There are two ways in which you can combine both of these loves tomorrow. First, there is the Recycle-A-Bike bike valet at the Lippit Park farmers’ market (I’m taking the week off for this one). Later in the day, some Recycle-A-Bikers will be leading a tour of the Providence’s community gardens. All you need is a bike, a helmet and a water bottle might be a good idea. The tour starts at RAB headquarters at the Steelyard, 27 Sims Ave at 2:45 on Saturday, August 28th.


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