Righteous cyclists like to live by the modified and inverted Animal Farm mantra of “Two Wheels Good, Four Wheels Bad.” And while that’s a useful rule of thumb, it leaves out an important category, a ‘third way’ if you will. That way is the much maligned Tricycle. For many people, a three wheeled contraption is their first encounter with the joys of auto-loco-motivating. Like this young man:

as first seen on

Looks like fun to me. The tricycle provides stability and ease of  use for the early velocipede. Many of us go on to two wheeled contraptions, then four-wheeled cars, and if you’re like me, you abandon the car and go back to two-wheels. Eventually as you age, your sense of balance can start to fade away until you once again have the balance of a toddler, or a drunk hipster. Luckily, there are contraptions just for you, like the Catrike Recumbent Tricycle!

Okay, I’ll admit it, that looks pretty awesome. Dorky, but awesome. Kind of looks like the gun mount controls on the Millennium Falcon.

Reminds me a little bit of a motorized tricycle that I saw all over Paris a couple years ago. Even my BMW-owning brother was impressed. Just the other day, I found one on the streets of Providence:

In case you want a closer look:

It’s a neat idea. I’m guessing that it won’t take off in Rhode Island because the exhaust isn’t loud enough. That seems to be the main purpose to owning a motorcycle around here. Kind of like the main purpose of owning a bike is to block traffic, right?

I’m still hoping to make the Recycle-A-Bike valet at the farmers’ market a car-free event, but we may be another week or two away from that. We need to prepare a bike trailer to haul all the goods – the current bike trailers are in a bit of disrepair. In the meantime, I found this posting on Craigslist:

That beats any bike trailer we could ever find! And it seats to people!


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