Perhaps not quite as note-worthy as my recent car-free-niversary, today is my blog-iversary. It was one year ago today that I first hit the big blue “publish” button over there on the right.  You’re welcome. Please, please sit down, there’s no need for a standing ovation.

I celebrated the blog-iversary by taking a leisurely ride with Spouse and some friends. I used to take the rather busy Broad Street through Central Falls in order to get to the start of the path, but I now take the suggested bike route down Pleasant St., Broadway and High Street. There is far less traffic on this route and although I still believe in the right to ride down (almost) any street or road in the country, sometimes it’s better to take an easier route. Plus, we got to enjoy this scenic view of a Central Falls landmark, the Donald Wyatt Detention Facility.

I didn't want to stop to take a picture - thus the space warp effect. The facility was eerily quiet from the outside.

Here we are enjoying the path, Spouse on the left and fellow-blogger Matt (from Bikes Can Work) on the right.

First of all, Spouse is riding her new road bike…. more on that in a later post. Matt, of course is riding the Bakfiets, with two toddlers in the front. We kept it at a casual pace, approx 11-12 MPH. Still, we were passing many of the very casual riders who fill up the bike paths on a weekend or holiday. We took turns drafting behind Matt and the Bakfiets. Spouse remarked that it was like a sports car drafting behind a Semi. Before scrolling down, beware that these next two photographs have some dangerously adorable toddlers next to an awesome bike.

Pretty cute, right? Well check this out:

you were warned

Argh! My eyes are melting from the adorableness!

Later in the day, we met some other friends at McCoy stadium in nearby Pawtucket to enjoy some minor-league baseball. My friends drove (they had one more toddler than their bikes could handle), but I biked. My hybrid city bike is in the shop getting a new wheel, and I didn’t really want to ride the Raleigh for this distance. Luckily, Spouse lent me her old Cannondale MTB, which although it is her “rain” bike, it still gets the job done. We left at the same time, but I got to the stadium about 10 minutes earlier.  Here’s the gate:

McCoy Stadium Bike Parking

And a close-up:

It’s my least favorite type of bike rack, and it’s installed too close to the wall, but I don’t think I’ll bother complaining to the stadium since I was the only person who used it (out of a few thousand fans). Wouldn’t it be great if dozens of people biked to the game? If you are coming from the East Side, it actually takes less time to bike than it does to drive, park 5 blocks away and then walk back to the stadium. And as you can see, the parking facilities aren’t great, but they are right next to the gate. Even the players’ parking spots aren’t as close as this.

At this one year anniversary, a better blogger than I would have all sorts of reflections on the theme of their blog. All I have are some stats that wordpress can give me: 3,300 views of 76 posts and 218 comments. Although it counts my own links to other posts in this blog as a “comment” which doesn’t really seem fair, but hey, I don’t make the rules, I just exploit them for interesting sounding statistics.

As those of you who write your own blogs no doubt know, a blog’s comment section can be a magnet for spam.  I guess those of you with email addresses may be familiar with this phenomenon as well. But it’s different with spam comments. WordPress tells me that I have a spam comment, and I could just assume that it’s correct, but for some reason, early on the filter gave a false spam signal quite a few legitimate comments as spam.  Of course, as a vain blogger, I want to believe that people are leaving comments on my blog. So I read the spam posts, and a couple of times I’ve even been duped into temporarily approving them, only to find out that their links go to miracle weight-loss drugs. All of this spam discussion is a long-winded way of me getting to my favorite spam comment that I’ve received many times:

“do u hav a twiter?”

followed by a link to some \/|@6R0. Well, I’m happy to say that I can now satisfy all of those spam commenters by saying that yes, I do hav a twiter:


I actually started it on the same day that I started this blog, I’ve just let it sit dormant for the last year. I “follow” three accounts right now, but I think it’s been months since I looked at the twitter. But now, I’ll be getting in on the game. So, feel free to follow me if you like, and I can bore the snot out of you with all sorts of cycling and car-free ‘lifestyle’ stuff – 140 characters at a time.


4 responses to “Blog-iversary

  1. Congrats on your one year! I actually learned about your site after talking with my girlfriend about starting a blog about living car free in Providence. You beat me to it heh, we don’t live in Providence yet but we are hoping to move up as soon as we can. It’s great to see that there are other people making a car free life work in Providence, we can’t wait to be able to get up there and do so as well. You keep on blogging and I’ll keep on reading 🙂

  2. Gotta love the Dutch…they are serious about family biking!

    • For real. I think this company even makes an attachment that will secure two infant seats so you can bike home from the hospital with twins. You know, just in case.

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