More lanes in Boston

I had another opportunity to spend some time biking in Boston recently. Just a few hourse and I’m once again confirmed that it’s one of my favorite places to ride a bike. I’ll continue to mention this after every time I ride there. Maybe I’ll try different phrasing next time. In my last post on Boston biking, a commenter mentioned a bike lane on Commonwealth Avenue that I had not had the pleasure of riding, so I made it my first destination this Sunday. Bostonians like to abbreviate their street names as part of the overall effort to confuse visitors (the most effective tactic of this effort is the poor placement, tiny size, or (preferably) complete absence of street signs), thus Commonwealth Avenue is commonly called “Comm Ave.” In order to save space, I will continue with this tradition.

Comm Ave starts in the Back Bay section of Boston as a wide boulevard with a linear park between the opposing lanes of traffic. At this point, the bike lane is on the left of the lanes of traffic. This makes it easier for motorists to guage how close they are to cyclists, and more importantly, keeps the bike lane away from the door zone.

There are a number of “bike boxes” at intersections which allow the cyclists to cross in front of stopped traffic in order to make right hand turns. The last box in this series allows the cyclist to move over to the right where the bike lane continues….

and quickly gets into the door zone.

I ended up in a pack of 4 other cyclists, most of whom were adopting a strategy similar to the lady in front of me here. Namely, staying far to the left side of the lane, well out of the door zone. I think she was the only one riding literally on the line, but I can’t blame her, seeing as that red car is giving an indication that its driver is about to do something stupid.

Thankfully, there’s no parking on this stretch of Comm Ave near Boston University. However, instead of randomly opening doors, the astute Bostonion cyclist must watch for pedestrians with death wishes.

And that’s all the bike lane pictures I have from this trip. That’s one of the problems with biking in Boston, it requires such concentration, that one can’t reach for one’s camera. Perhaps I should get a helmet cam…. I haven’t spent that much money on bike accessories this month, right?


2 responses to “More lanes in Boston

  1. I grew up in the Boston area, and I’ve been thrilled to see how many bike lanes they’ve added in the last couple years.

    How do you take photos while you ride?

    • I just use my iPhone. It’s not ideal, but I always have it with me. Most of these shots were shortly after a stop. I’ve considered getting a helmet- or handlebar-mounted camera, maybe in the spring.

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