Destinations make the trip worth while

There are three major bike paths that lead out from Providence. The Blackstone Valley Bike Path, the Washington Secondary Bike Path (which, in true New England fashion, goes by different names depending on which town you are in), and the East Bay Bike Path. The EBBP is by far the most popular. It’s almost completely flat, it has nice views of Narragansett Bay, and it runs through some of the more affluent parts of the state. Thus it can fill up with casual riders on a nice weekend day. It’s not my favorite of the three paths, but it does have one great perk that the other paths are missing: a destination.

Here’s the end of the Washington Secondary:

The pavement just sort of ends, and gravel continues. It doesn’t really inspire a cyclist to reach for the end of the path. When you reach this point, you just turn around an go home (unless you feel like going off-road, which doesn’t really interest me).

And here is the view that awaits you at the end of the Blackstone River Bike Path:

It’s the world’s most useless bike rack! It’s at the end of a bike trail next to a parking lot here. There is nothing to walk to, nothing to do. I can’t think of a single reason to lock your bike to this rack. Not exactly inspiring.

Ah, but what awaits the patient cyclist at the end of the East Bay Bike Path?

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The charming little city of Bristol, and my favorite Bristolian restaurant, The Beehive Cafe.

And inside….

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It’s an almost perfect way to spend a lazy weekend day. A nice ride down the coast, followed by a delicious lunch. (I recommend the breakfast sandwich on a Portuguese roll.)

There’s just one problem with this cafe. Here’s the best bike parking:

Locking up to a tree. It’s so undignified. Just look at how the bikes are just falling into each other. Meanwhile, what did I find right next to the restaurant?

Ample horse parking, a necessity for the modern Rhode Island restaurant.

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