Photo Contests

Two of my favorite bike blogs are just wrapping up photo contests. BikesnobNYC just announced the winners of the first annual “cockie” or Cockpit of the Year award. For the non-bike dorks out there, the cockpit is bike-pretentious for the handlebars, stem, and all the crap you can put on it. For example, here is the cockpit of my road bike:

Nothing too egregious here. I find the bell to be useful when I’m on a bike path and I need to clear out a row of surly teens walking 4 abreast.  If you want to see some crazy cockpits, check out the finalists.

I’d been keeping my eyes open for unusual cockpits, but I hadn’t found one that could compete with the likes of “The Jacob’s Ladder”. There is a particular Lone Wolf in Providence that I’ve only seen a few times. He has at least three sets of MTB bar ends attached to the end of his handlebars, giving him an upright riding posture. I haven’t been able to catch him with my camera, but I believe that Matt from Bikes Can Work was able to capture this elusive beast on camera. All I could find was this crazy hipster-mobile down by RISD:

But I was too late for the contest.

EcoVelo was coincidentally holding a photo contest this last week as well. The theme was “why I ride.” EcoVelo has some pretty good prizes on offer, so I thought I would give it a shot. Predictably, many of the entrants are scenic shots of bikes parked next to sunsets or whatever. BORING! That’s not why I ride. Or at least it’s not why I commute. I ride because it’s far more convenient than driving for in-city trips. And because when the presidential motorcade comes into town and traffic comes to a standstill:

this was my official entry

I just roll right past them and get a great view of The Beast. (I’m talking about the limo, not the supernatural figure foretold in The Book of Revelation).

I took a trip to Trader Joe’s on Saturday and I had a similar opportunity to pass many slow moving cars on Bald Hill Road.

It seemed like the more spectacular traffic back-up, especially for a Saturday afternoon, but the picture didn’t work out quite as well. The red shifter cables still look pretty sweet, though.


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