Something’s Missing….

As far as my bike commute goes, I have it pretty easy. I have a 1.5 mile ride on the way to get to work and it’s almost all downhill. This means that I don’t ever have to worry about showing up to work all sweaty. I know that there are many ways to mitigate a sweatier commute, but I’m glad that I don’t really have to deal with them. All of the roads are 25 MPH, so I don’t have cars swooping past me at 50 MPH (or not very often at least). There are no bike lanes for me to ride on my way to work, but most of the roads are “signed bike routes” which really doesn’t mean much, but at least I know that somebody somewhere thought that it was okay for me to ride my bike on this particular route. Because my commute is so short, I can basically hop on my bike 7 minutes before I want to be at work. And once I get to my office building, I have this excellent, indoor bike rack where I can lock up:

It’s not perfectly functional (the bars are too narrow for some forks), but it is indoors, and attractive, and it has a giant Penny Farthing on one end, silently presiding over the rack like a royal guard at Buckingham Palace. However, the P-far seems to be falling asleep during it’s guard duties, because when I went to retrieve my bike at the end of a long work day, I found this:

My headlight had been stolen!

I had been in the habit of removing my lights when I parked, and I thought I was being kind of paranoid, but evidently I wasn’t paranoid enough!

Not only is this bike rack indoors, in an entryway that gets a fair amount of traffic, it’s even under video surveillance. Let’s take a look at the tape.

The thief peeped in the window for about 30 seconds. "casing the joint" in the lingo of thieves.

After entering the building, the thief took a look at the two bikes that have been sitting there for months.

Here he is checking out my bike and noticing it's sturdy U-lock securing the frame and Pinhead locking skewers securing the wheels.

And here he is taking the light that I left completely unsecured.

My office is near Kennedy Plaza, which seems to have its share of unsavory characters. One of my co-workers had both wheels stolen off of his bike when he locked just the frame to a bike rack outside on Kennedy Plaza, but I didn’t think that a thief would be so bold as to walk into a building to steal something. Now I know better. And now I’m looking out for this guy.

And once my new Planet Bike 2-watt superflash arrives, I’ll be taking it off of my bike whenever I park for more than 15 seconds.


8 responses to “Something’s Missing….

  1. At least you got a clear shot of the perp.

    That being said, there’s a frame of a bike tied to the fence over by the post office in Kennedy Plaza. I recall seeing it one day as a full bike. Let a week pass the front wheel went missing. Then the back wheel. Then the handlebars.

    Leave it long enough and it’ll get stolen. Especially downtown. It irks me because RIPTA has those nice bike lockers. But nobody uses them.

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  3. Who steals things from a bike? Let alone a light. What a loser. Sorry you had to undergo that.

    • For real, right? One of the worst things about having something stolen off of my bike is that now I don’t want to leave it anywhere without taking my lights off and putting them in my bag. The other day, I even took off my computer and put it in my bag – something that is totally useless unless the thief took a knife to the zipties holding the transmitter to my chainstay. And unscrewed the magnet on the spoke. And the magnet on my crank. Okay, maybe I went too far on that one – I think I’m probably safe to leave that on.

  4. Thanks for the heads-up about the Pinhead parts. I started bike commuting this year, and I’ve been thinking more about using my bike around town and the logistics of locking up my gear.

    • Yeah, the pinhead is great. The sell the 4-piece set at the small LBS. It locks both wheels, the headset and the seat post. They may also have the 2-piece set which is just the wheels. The seatpost and headset lock may be overkill unless you have more expensive controls, or you leave your bike locked in dicey areas, or lock it on the street overnight.

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