when the light goes out, there is no hope

It has been five days now since I was the victim of a heinous crime. No, I was not hit by a wealth manager who fled the scene of the crime and then the prosecutor decided not to file felony charges. No, my friends, it was much worse. Somebody stole the headlight off of my bike!

It was this guy, with the shifty eyes. I know you can't see his eyes here, but you just know that they are shifty!

And this happened just when the clocks fall back and my homeward journey is cast into complete darkness. Luckily, I’m a bike dork now, and that means I have back up components for almost every part of a bike. However, now I have been reduced to using a Planet Bike Beamer 3, instead of the far superior PB Blaze 2W

bask in its majesty

Look at it! Ain’t it pretty? With its “reinforced alloy midsection” ” ‘SuperFlash’ flashing mode” and its “QuickCam bracket mounts, adjusts or removes in seconds w/o tools.”

Hmm, maybe I should have paid more attention to that last part. But no matter, I have ordered a new one and I will be sure to slide it off of its bracket whenever I dismount.

In the meantime, I have only my SmugCalc to ease my pain and reassure my sense of well-being and self-importance. Let’s take a look at the big board!

That’s from August 21 (my car-free-niversary) through Saturday. Not bad, my cycling is 35 miles ahead of my automobile usage. I think I’m starting to glow with a little bit of righteous cyclist smugness.

Then I drove to New Hampshire on Sunday, and threw my numbers out of wack. Here’s where they stand tonight.

Even if I were to throw in walking and transit usage, I’m still behind. And with my 3 mile roundtrip commute, I’ll never catch up! I may have to start riding in circles on my way to work. Then again, there is a holiday coming up on Thursday and Spouse will be out of town – who’s up for a half century?

In the meantime, I’ll console myself with my photo collection of whimsicle fixed-gear cockpits. Like this one.

I call it "The Little Fixie With The Fringe On Top."

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