The Indignity of Walking: Armored Car Edition

After enduring the horrors of walking 1.5 miles to work (and back!) yesterday, I was back on the bike today! I opted for the “long route” to work which features a more gentle slope. This route also gives me one “bonus mile” each way which helps boost my smugness calculation up a little bit. Let’s take a quick look at the SmugCalc to see how I’m doing:

This is from August 21, 2010 to today

Ugh, I’ve got a long way to go after all of that driving I did while visiting the family in Kansas. And it doesn’t look like I’ll be able to get in many  40+ mile weekend rides when the roads are in this kind of shape. Instead of comparing bicycle miles to automobile miles, maybe I should combine cycling with walking and transit and call them “smug miles” or something.

Speaking of roads, this morning I took a look at Hope Street, and thought the roads looked pretty clear.  However, they turned out to be rather slushy at points and with occasional ice patches here and there. But traffic was light, and I didn’t have any problems on my ride. It felt good to be back on the saddle, and the old Raleigh proved to be a sturdy steed for winter riding. I only saw one other cyclist out there today. So even if my SmugCalc score isn’t so great, at least I can feel smug about the fact that I am far more hardcore than the rest of you punks!

Another thing I can feel smug about – I’m not this guy:

While it may look like the armored car is making a turn, in fact it is parked right at the corner of Westminster and Dorrance, blocking a wheelchair ramp (not to mention the pedestrian crossing). And yes, there is a completely open parking place right around the corner.


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