Front Page News: Snow Gets In The Way of Driving

The front page of today’s non-virtual Providence Journal featured dueling stories on the effects of the recent storms: Shoveling is not for weak of heart, and Mounds make getting by impossible. The first covers the perennial issue of people having heart attacks because the only exercise they get is shoveling the driveway once a year. The second covers the effect of snow mounds on driving. Some roads have been narrowed by as much as 4 feet. This makes drivers slow down. [Jeff Nickerson at GCPVD explains why this isn’t such a bad thing.] The ProJo doesn’t seem to have much coverage of my favorite snow removal issue – the lack of proper sidewalk clearance. It is briefly mentioned in a reader comment to the “Mounds” story. I’m tempted to throw my own comments into the mix, but I’m not sure I’ll be able to hit the exclamation point key the minimum 5 times required to submit a comment to the ProJo. Buried on page A7, there is a brief mention of sidewalk clearance and its effect on mail carriers in the story, Weather slips up mail carriers. [aside: for these 3 stories, the ProJo reporters talked to doctors, firefighters, bus drivers and mail carriers – it’s like the ProJo imagine the same occupations that a three-year old knows] From the article – “And three other carriers walking in streets because sidewalks were not cleared were struck by passing cars, [a spokeswoman] said.” I wonder if anyone is bothering to keep track of the non-mail carriers who are struck by cars because they have to walk in the street. Remember folks, AWOTRS BRIML SYCJOW! Evidently, this spokeswoman is for RI and southeastern MA, but there is no time frame given. Is that 3 mail carriers hit from the last storm? Three this entire winter? Didn’t the reporter learn about the 5 W’s?!?!

Looks like I’m almost ready for the ProJo comments section.

Speaking of blind rage, a cyclist in London keeps his helmet cam on all the time.

Looks like a good idea when dealing with the White Van Man of London.

4 responses to “Front Page News: Snow Gets In The Way of Driving

  1. It does seem that the massive snow banks have slowed the drivers down. And somehow made them less angry that me and my bike exist within their hemisphere.

    Related issue – The sidewalks around T. F. Green airport are never shoveled. What is that – a $50 fine for them?

    • The fine is “up to $500.” I can’t imagine that anyone has ever been fined anywhere near that much. Yeah, I have noticed maybe a little less anger from the motorists in this weather. Maybe they feel bad for us, cycling through the snow and the cold. Little do they know that we’re having fun and we feel bad for them!

  2. The Globe did a story on the problems that inadequate snow clearing causes for the most vulnerable pedestrians and those in wheelchairs, but the reader comments were appalling.

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