A Month on the Raleigh, cont’d

As predicted, there was snow on the ground this morning, so I was back on the Raleigh for my commute. Until today, the only pictures I had of the Raleigh were during sunnier times:

That's an iced coffee in the cup holder. You remember iced coffee right? It's that thing you drink when it's hot outside. You remember heat, right?

But I figure I should let you see what the Raleigh looks like after being ridden in less than ideal weather:

How about we take a closer look at the downtube.

And compare to this summer:

I forgot to mention a few things about the Raleigh in yesterday’s post, but I can only remember one of them right now. When I ride the Raleigh, I don’t have to worry about velcro straps around my pants cuffs because of this amazing invention called the “chain guard.”

It’s nice to be able to just hop on a bike without fussing about with velcro straps on one’s trouser cuffs. In fact, when I got on the Cannondale for the first time in a month, I’d mounted and almost headed out of the driveway before I realized that I needed to go back and grab some velcro before I turned into a big greasy mess.


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