Locked Up: Liquid Metal

Although I’m often scoping people’s bikes, I try to control this habit while I’m riding because I need to pay attention to important matters like pothole avoidance (or proper water-bottle replacement technique). Now that I’m getting around at the slow pace provided by my feet, I feel more free to sniff some butts check out other people’s bikes. However, I’m a little reluctant to take a picture unless the owner isn’t around. I guess I just don’t have the guts that Bike Fancy does. Here are a couple of recent bikes of note that I’ve found on the streets of Providence:

That’s a 100% chrome fixie, no logos. Is it a Bianchi Pista, stripped of all decals? Hard to tell without checking out the serial number underneath the bottom bracket, and I’m not sure if I’m willing to go there. The only clue is the Bianchi saddle. I’ve seen another fixie regularly parked here – maybe this is the same guy’s spring ride?

It’s not a bike I would want for myself, but it does look pretty cool. I almost expect it to melt into little droplets and reform in the shape of Robert Patrick.

I found a single speed (or possibly fixie) down by Coffee Exchange the other day with a completely different look:

The hot-pink Velocity Deep-V rims are pretty standard fare, but I certainly don’t expect to see an adjustable stem and front basket on a bike like this. I’m not criticizing the owner by any means (I have an adjustable stem on my Cannondale and I’d like to get a front basket for my Raleigh), I’m just saying it certainly is unusual.

3 weeks down, 3-5 weeks to go until I’m back on my own haphazardly curated bike.


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