Tweetdown: @carfreepvd vs. @RIPTA_RI

Many moons ago, I had a negative interaction with a RIPTA bus driver while riding my bike. You can read account #1 and account #2 for the full story. When riding my bike, I am passed by RIPTA buses all the time. I probably share the same space with RIPTA buses a few hundred times in a year, and I very rarely have any sort of negative experience. In fact, I was just praising RIPTA for providing SAG Wagon services to me when I had a pinch-flat. Now that I am injured, RIPTA is my main mode of transportation. I’m really digging the Easter-themed colorway on the April RIPTA pass:


the disembodied finger is "disembodied hand 2.0"

I’ll be reporting more on my RIPTA experiences in the next month. In fact, I already kvetched about the lack of signage for the RI Hospital bus stop. And since a blog post wasn’t enough of a complaint, I decided to up my kvetching game with some Web 2.0 action and dropped a wicked tweet-kvetch in RIPTA’s general direction:


To my surprise and delight, @RIPTA_RI responded:

So now I know. Instead of calling the RIPTA customer service line, and following up with an email, the next time I’m harassed on the streets by a RIPTA driver, I’ll just tweet them.

By the way, I’ve greatly increased my tweeting lately. If you aren’t one of the over one dozen people or spam fronts following me on twitter, I suggest you get with the program and follow @carfreepvd !!! Or you could join the almost 100 people following @RIPTA_RI.

Speaking of spam. I expected spam comments when I started this blog, and wordpress does a good job of catching them. But I never expected spam referrals. I’m getting all sorts of .cz addresses showing up as referring to this blog. And it’s totally messing up my stats. I need to know if I’m reaching 20 readers, or 10 readers and 10 spambots. This is very important!

4 responses to “Tweetdown: @carfreepvd vs. @RIPTA_RI

  1. I am not surprised. You made your complaint public and “virally spreadable,” so they paid attention. I’ll try this tactic the next time an MBTA driver threatens my life. Wait for it in a couple of days.

    • Thanks for the re-tweet, LB. I hope it’s longer than a couple of days before you have to drop a tweet on MBTA, but I’ll keep an eye out for it.

      I had a similar exchange with the mayor of Providence about street sweeping, but I’m still no satisfied about the outcome. More on that next week.

  2. The spam refererers are probably content-scrapers.

    • If that were anything like a scraper bike that would be awesome. But it’s not, is it? I guess I shouldn’t obsess about my stats so much seeing how small my sample size is.

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