Things I Haven’t Done in the Last 4 Weeks:

Lift anything over 5 pounds.

Wear a T-shirt.

Wear a sweater.

Wear any other sort of shirt that doesn’t open in the front.

Practice Yoga.

Sleep on my side.

Sleep through the night.

Help clean the house.


that is all.

Except for this awesome picture:

I’ve seen this pair before, but I wasn’t quick enough on the draw to get a picture of them. I’m very impressed.


5 responses to “Things I Haven’t Done in the Last 4 Weeks:

  1. thats me and darwin! almost. but why isnt the mama wearing a helmet?

    • She’s well protected by the forcefield emanating from her purple balaclava.

      One of these days I’d like to profile your family for the blog if you’re up for it.

  2. Nice shot.

    Sorry you’re blue. I never wanna break anything.

  3. Are you sure there isn’t a hip skater-type helmet under there? I think it’s possible. The kid is helmeted, after all.

  4. Also, for the record, you did mostly clean the bathroom. Which I appreciate!

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