Once again, behold the power of my blog

Dear reader(s). I must apologize for the lack of posts in recent weeks. I have been busy with boring things like… work (the blogging bucks have yet to roll in and I am forced to keep my job as an orchard keeper while I wait for a publisher to discover me and offer me a book deal). But the demands of orchard keeping, though they be severe, are not the true reason for my lack of posts. The true reason: I have been on strike.

Although I have been inundated by requests for new material, I have been withholding my much-desired blog posts. I’ve been on strike not in solidarity with Wisconsin public employees, nor in sympathy to the Greeks who will no longer be able to retire at 35. No, my strike has been a result of a more grave injustice. Yes, I was striking in protest of the severe lack of bike parking at my local coffee shop, as detailed in my previous post.

While there are many coffee shops that lack bike parking (not to mention gigantic discount department stores that actually sell bikes), I was particularly perturbed by the fact that this shop passive-aggressively chastised those cyclists who chose to lock their bikes to a nearby tree while the shop failed to provide a suitable alternative. Like any good passive-aggressive chastisement, this took the form of a sign:

Somehow, my readership must have taken it upon themselves to find out the name of this coffee shop and petition the owners for a redress of this grievance. That, or the owners finally got around to installing some bike racks. Spouse surprised me with the good news by emailing me the following picture while I was out tending the trees today:

Two brand-new “hitching-post” style bike racks! Now that the shop has seen the light, I am happy to reveal their identity. So, thank you, Edge Cafe in Wayland Square, Providence Rhode Island for installing these bike racks. I hope that they bring many cycling customers to your doors. And hopefully, that combination of words will show up in your google news alerts and bring you to my blog. If so, let’s talk sponsorship, I’m getting a little tired of tending the trees all day.

Now that there are some real places to lock one’s bike, I am in full support of the anti-tree parking sign. As previously mentioned, I love passive-aggressive chastisement almost as much as I love The Edge Cafe’s delicious breakfast wraps!

(Did I mention I’d like to talk sponsorship?)


8 responses to “Once again, behold the power of my blog

  1. NOW, your obligation is to make some really encouraging statements to the management about how thrilled you are and how your friends that were avoiding their place will surely flock back. Lay it on a little thick. A follow-up letter will help as well. Make them feel extra warm and fuzzy.

    That’s what I did when a local gas station put in a couple of marginal bike “U” racks. What’s more, that’s where I will buy all my gas from now on – until the competition catches on that bike racks are good for business.

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  3. Well just so you know, your valiant efforts have been noted. Because of your success, I now know exactly which coffee shop to patronize when I visit the great PVD. I shall utilize their wonderous new bike posts to lock my bike and I shall stride in smugly and order myself some shade grown, bird protected, ethically sourced cup of coffee.

    • I’m all for smug striding!

      The Edge uses Intelligentsia Coffee beans, the tastiest beans with the smuggiest name!

  4. I’m considering biking there now to offer some appreciation/draw attention to the racks. Although it seems a little ridiculous given that we live about three blocks away.

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