Barely Locked: Handlebar Style

As a public service to my readers, I’ve created a special series of blog posts  called: Barely Locked, documenting the poorly locked bikes of the world. And just like when I encounter the gentleman’s magazine from which I draw inspiration for the name of this series, I am both excited and repulsed when I see a potential Barely Locked subject. In the end, I just kind of feel sorry for the bike and its rider.

I found today’s subject on my way home from work the other day and it presents a new type of barely locked bike. The types I’ve cataloged previously include:

1. The bike locked to an open ended pole:

Let's call this type "The Pole Dancer"

2. The bike locked to an object that could be easily cut with steak knife or simply untied:

Let's call this "Barely Locked & Feeling Knotty"

3. And of course, locking the wheel to the frame and leaving the bike out in the open.

Some call this "Freelocking," but I prefer "When I think of you, I lock myself"

Today’s subject went for a completely different style:

I’m so flummoxed by this casual locking method that I can’t think of a cutesy pun related to dirty pictures in order to describe it. I mean, it’s like the lock was just casually thrown over the handlebars while the guy was riding around and then he “locked” it to the sign post without removing it from the handlebars. I actually looked around to see if this was part of a bicycle-theft sting operation or something.

The bumper sticker on the sign is a nice touch since this locking method is about as effective as the Nader/LaDuke 2000 Presidential Campaign. Then again, maybe that isn’t such a good analogy.

BTW: I’m happy to see that another bike blogger (this one in Hawaii) also likes to take pictures of poorly locked bikes. Instead of dirty puns, he just calls them FAILS.


7 responses to “Barely Locked: Handlebar Style

  1. I also see plenty of bikes locked to bike racks by the front wheel. Not a good idea if you have a quick release.

    • That is a common problem. It’s almost so common that I don’t really notice it when it happens. I just notice the extremely egregious examples like the one in the picture. I hope to add a “just locked by the wheel” pic along with a “mis-threaded” pic – that’s where it looks like you locked to something, but you really just locked to yourself.

  2. Thanks for the shout out!
    Apparently Fail is a nation wide epidemic.
    Maybe bicycle locks need to come with more detailed instructions.
    Or pictures.
    Or something.

    • Happy to reference your blog!

      I’m trying to remember my last bike lock and what sort of pictures and instructions it had, but I probably just tossed the box right after I opened it.

      Although it may look like we’re mocking people, if you’re like me, you post these sort of pictures as a public service to new cyclists.

      That’s the same reason I yell at salmon. Probably just as effective.

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