Barely Locked: Or, Not Locked At All

In the previous edition of Barely Locked, we saw a “vintage” 3-speed with the U-lock casually placed around the handlebars:

I went by this bike later in the day to find this scene:

It may be difficult to see there, but the bike is just casually leaning against the sign post and the lock…

…is on the ground! What happened here? Did someone come along and see the bike barely locked and just decide to “teach a lesson” to the cyclist? Or did the cyclist come back from a night of drunken debauchery, lean his bike against the post, put the lock around the pole and drop it?

We may never know.

However, I was very pleased on my way home from work when I found this:

The bike was properly locked! Sure, the lock could be threaded through the wheel as well as the frame, but still… this will actually function to keep the bike in place. I feel greatly relieved.

It’s another victory for Car-Free in PVD!


2 responses to “Barely Locked: Or, Not Locked At All

  1. Evolution, caught in the act!

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