Alternate Routes: The Wiggly and the Non-Wiggly

I’m about to get some much needed sleep so I can be ready to battle Ian Donnis in tomorrow’s car-vs-bike commuter challenge. I prepared the post below a while ago – I’m putting it up tonight to tide over the folks who happen upon this blog while looking for car-vs-bike coverage.


It was nice to see so much commenting action on last month’s post on The Providence Wiggle, aka The Pwiggle. Many people had ideas for all sorts of alternate routes for avoiding or at least minimizing the Providence hills. Instead of trying to map them all, I’ve created this map with a few of the highlights. As always, your results may vary.

The green markings are various “official” bike routes. I’ve added yellow routes as secondary routes (including the Pwiggle) and red as tertiary routes. I think that the Camp Street route is the most important. It allows the cyclist to avoid additional climbing necessary to reach Hope Street. More importantly, there is much less traffic on Camp Street than on Hope – it’s by far a more relaxing ride.


A good piece of advice for new bike commuters is to try not to think like a motorist when choosing your route. Oftentimes, the most direct and “fastest” road will be significantly less pleasant than an adjacent road that will add 10 minutes to your travel time.

For tomorrow’s race, I won’t have time to take the Pwiggle, I’m going straight up and over Angell Street.

Wish me luck!


3 responses to “Alternate Routes: The Wiggly and the Non-Wiggly

  1. Good luck! I personally would like to see a pogo stick tossed into this mix

  2. Butbutbut… you’ve included an unnecessary hill in that Camp Street yellow line. Camp goes seriously downhill just before and after rochambeau, leading to a need to climb back up to Summit. Otherwise, these are all great routes that I switch between. I’d even include Morris as far as Burlington as a East-East side way to get to the Hope Village shops without using Hope Street. And what’s with that little isolated bit of dark green @ Gano Street Park

    • I’ll have to admit that I don’t take the Camp route that often because it doesn’t link two places that I need to go. Would you go up to the red line then? At what point do you leave Camp for a parallel street?

      That isolated green line at Gano Street Park goes right into the water which leads me to believe that it is the old rail bridge. Goes to show you can’t trust Google directions all the time!

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