Have you ever found yourself at work saying something like:

“Hey, co-worker, would you mind if I siphoned a half-gallon from your gas tank?”

No? Well consider this scenario:

If you’re a bike commuter, you may keep a collection of snacks at work. Here’s my stash:

I’ve got some cereal, banana chips, and various types of trail mix. They are all in somewhat sealed containers to discourage office mice. Blocky Bot is trying to protect them as well.

My co-workers have learned that I always have a stash of snacks and they come to me when they get peckish in the afternoon. I’m (mostly) happy to share,  but I do have a little bit of a gripe.

My snack stash is not just food. This is fuel for my vehicle.

Perhaps you can see where I’m going with this.

Hands off the food. Or feel the wrath of Blocky Bot!

In other news, Steve, of DFW Point-To-Point, had a near-encounter with a sidewalk cyclist, once again illustrating that it is almost always a bad idea. I had a near-encounter with a sidewalk cyclist a few weeks ago. I encouraged him to ride his bike like an adult, but I doubt that it was a “teachable moment.”

2 responses to “Fuel

  1. You’ve got no fear from me! Besides living nowhere near RI, none of that stuff looks Atkins approved.

    • I would gladly share some fuel with another bike commuter. Oddly, the other bike commuters in my office are not the ones always asking for food!

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