Back To The Hospital

I finally had my last appointment with the orthopedist this week. (For those coming to this blog more recently – I was seeing an orthopedist due to breaking my collarbone, which happened when I fell off of my bike.) It had been a long time since I visited the hospital. The last time I went, I took the bus because I was not yet cleared to ride. This time, I took my bike.

The bike parking at Rhode Island Hospital is… lacking. The bars on this railing are unusually deep so I couldn’t reach my lock through the bars and around my frame when the bike was resting on the ground. Instead, I had to lift my bike up a few inches and allow it to rest on the top bar of the railing. It rested on my left (front) shifter. Not ideal, but I’ve done it before.

With a good U-lock locked to a thick metal railing, I should feel pretty secure with how my bike is parked. There is quite a bit of foot traffic at the main entrance to the state’s largest hospital. It seems unlikely that a casual bike thief would be able to do anything to my bike, and it is not in a setting that a dedicated bike thief would touch. And yet, I still didn’t feel completely secure. In an overly security-conscious world, a hospital employee could see this bike as a threat and have it cut off. Seems unlikely, but it’s been known to happen. Perhaps I’m just paranoid. Comes from riding in traffic.

Here’s my latest X-ray:

And here’s what I looked like back in March right after the accident:

As you can see, the yellow pain lightning is gone, and that pesky red arrow finally went away. Along with that, my bones have knitted themselves back together, but now in a different and more exciting shape. How fun!


5 responses to “Back To The Hospital

  1. Those yellow bolts really show how electricity can shock you! ALSO, your previous post is really a case against carrying water bottles along on bikes! I hadn’t considered water bottles for the “myth” series before. Hmm…

  2. I bring my bike inside with me as often as possible. Supermarkets have a good track record – I’ve never been questioned in one, ever. I’ve felt self conscious, especially in this one Foodmaster in Cambridge where isles were impassible for all but the thinnest of travelers…

  3. Curious. Lifespan claims to have a serious “circulation” problem in the Hospital area. Maybe that is because they have no amenities for anyone to arrive on their campus in any way other than by car.

    • I think I may have seen a bike rack when I was looking out a window. I’ll have to go back and investigate. My suspicion is that they have one bike rack tucked out of the way at one of their entrances. When you are as big as RI hospital, you really need to have a rack at every entrance. And I didn’t even mention the complete lack of signage for the RIPTA stop!

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