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Along with this highly-successful, well-read blog, I also have a twitter account called @carfreepvd. I realize that some of my readers may not use twitter, and some of my best photos recently were only posted there, so I’m taking some time to re-post them here, but with bonus longer-than-140-characters content.

Here’s one of my favorite photos I recently took and only posted to twitter:

(Oh yeah, I bought a bike trailer a few months ago. I’ll have to do a full review of it one of these days.) I picked up my Christmas tree with my bike. Luckily, the grocery store is only a few blocks away. In the short amount of time I was on the road, I had a few motorists and pedestrians give me some form of positive feedback. Although it could be a bit of a burden, maybe cyclists should all ride around town with trailers carrying Christmas trees all of time – it could be an effective strategy to reduce harassment by motorists (not unlike the “Mary Poppins” effect experienced by Velouria of Lovely Bicycle, or a similar effect experienced by me when I borrowed my friends’ kiddie bike trailer).

Spouse captured a better picture of me, pulling out of the parking lot.

photo credit: Spouse

I was feeling pretty good about this until just today when I saw this on Biking in Heels:

photo credit "cycler" from

Dang! That’s some impressive p0rtage pr0n!

Oh well, my bird seemed to like my tree just fine:

photo credit: Spouse

Mattie-bird even matches the tree.

And here is my least favorite picture that I recently tweeted:

Although I use puncture-resistant tires (gatorskins, in my case), I don’t think that there’s much that could have stopped a giant construction staple from puncturing my tire. Hard to tell here, but there’s a full inch of staple embedded in the tire. Ever since my last pinch flat, I always carry a patch kit, tire levers and pump. I set up on the sidewalk and repaired my tire in a reasonable amount of time.

Although Spouse originally taught me how to patch a tube, I re-learned it at Recycle-A-Bike when I took the Wrenching Wednesday class about 2 years ago. Since that time, I’ve become more and more involved in Recycle-A-Bike and I’ve seen it grow tremendously.

Recycle A Bike mechanic, Nik teaching a bike maintenance class (photo credit: Recycle A Bike)

It’s a great organization helping to empower people by getting them on bikes and helping them to become more self-sufficient in using those bikes for transportation. Recyle-A-Bike moved to a permanent location this year and RAB is now a 501(c)3 tax-exempt non-profit organization. In 2011, the first year of operation as an independent non-profit, RAB served over 600 people through bike maintenance and repair programs. We (I can say “we” because I’m on the board) are now having our first annual fundraising appeal. I know that some of my readers have already made a contribution – and I thank you very much for that. If you have not made a contribution, I’d encourage you to take a look at the Recycle A Bike website and consider making a gift.

If you live in a different city, chances are there’s a similar organization near you. I’d recommend that you check it out, get involved and volunteer.

And that’s about all of the earnestness this blog can take at this time. So I’ll wrap up this post by letting you know about a milestone my blog has now achieved:

My blog has finally been visited by a comment troll! I’m so proud.


2 responses to “Twitter on the blog post

  1. What kind of moron thinks a bus driver that won’t watch out for a cyclist in the middle of the road will watch out for a cyclist anywhere else? Or anything else? After all, it isn’t like the drivers get bonuses for running stuff over or even laying on the horn. Doing that is extracurricular. Which, I guess, is why most bus drivers are pretty polite.

    • It’s easy to be mad at a bus driver and extend that anger to all bus drivers. I always try to keep it in perspective and think about the thousands of times a year that I am passed by a bus without incident (the same can be said of all the times I’m passed by regular motorists).

      Unfortunately, the troll has not returned to pick up the gauntlet. I guess that’s just what trolls do. Still, I am excited that I finally got a troll! It’s like that moment in “The Jerk” where Steve Martin sees his name in the phone book. Ahh… phone books, remember those?

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