Protest – successful!

It’s been well over a month now since my last post to this blog, and I’m sure that my reader(s) have been eagerly waiting to see what I’ve been up to. Although it might seem like I’ve just been slacking, really I was involved in a month-long online protest against SOPA/PIPA. Sure, some websites went dark for just a day on January 18th, but I was ahead of the game. In order to protest these bills, I made sure that this website was dark from December 19th until the bills were defeated. Sure, they bills might have been defeated a couple weeks ago, but I stayed dark a little longer, just to make sure.

Also, I took a little vacation for part of the hiatus. This picture pretty much sums up how I spent my time:

espresso and oakland bikeways map

Drinking delicious coffee and enjoying the excellent cycling infrastructure of the SF Bay Area. What could be better?

borrowed bicycle

How about this sweet ride? I was visiting an old friend in the East Bay and his downstairs neighbor loaned me one of his bicycles. It was an old Italian lugged-steel road frame, built up with MTB handlebars and a 1 X 8 drivetrain. It was a couple sizes too big for me, but with a few adjustments, it was a perfect loaner bike.

I’ll have more on my trip later, but I’ll leave you with this sign from Valencia Street in San Francisco’s Mission District:

valencia street green wave

There’s a 1.5 mile stretch of Valencia Street where the lights are timed such that a cyclist riding at a comfortable 13 MPH can get green lights the whole way. This was possibly the greatest feeling on Earth. The cyclists can just tool along, getting passed by motorists who then must stop at the lights. The cyclist approaches the light and it magically turns green. The motorist roars ahead for half a block, but then has to slow down again for a red light. The cyclist just continues to pedal at a comfortable pace. It was truly awesome.


One response to “Protest – successful!

  1. A comfortable pace – as long as there isn’t a stiff headwind. I’m glad you had a calm and comfortable 13MPH day.

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