My new favorite cockpit

Yes, I am a brilliant blogger, capable of winning #twitter #contests with a mere 6 words.

(or 8 words, depending on how you look at it). Because of this awesome tweet, I won a sweet helmet light system from Light & Motion, courtesy of Bike Safe Boston.

Selle-Anatomica recently had a twitter drawing for one of their perineum-friendly seats. I like a good perineum-friendly seat as much as the next guy (possibly more), so I was happy to enter. But you know who won?

Oh well, Bike Safe Boston giveth, and he taketh away.

Speaking of contests, BikeSnobNYC recently held his kinda-annual cockpit photography contest. (I believe he calls it the “cock-off.”) For those of you who are not insufferable bike dorks like me, “cockpit” refers to the handlebar area and all of the crap that a bike dork can cram onto it. The prize for the cock-off is a couple of lights. It would be unfair of me to compete for a prize that I clearly do not need, so I will present my contest entry only in this venue.

I present to you, the greatest use of duct tape on a bicycle cockpit:

I am truly impressed with how the duct tape is fully integrated into the cockpit. Not only that, but the pilot of this cockpit has included an entire roll of duct tape – I’m assuming this is for any additional repairs that may need to be performed on the road.

truly spectacular

Not only does has this bicycle’s pilot developed a way to take a roll of duct tape with him where ever he goes, there’s even a small decorative element. Hanging down from the right side of the handlebar is a small curl of duct tape, hanging proudly like a silver peyos.

In other news, I was boring yet another friend with the tale of how I won my helmet light when he whipped out his home-rolled helmet light:

He even put a tail light on there…

…attached with duct tape, of course.

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